What is a word sort?

A word sort is a word study activity where children compare, contrast and sort words according to specific features. It allows children to form hypotheses, explore concepts and make generalizations about written words. These activities help students link words to the familiar ones they already know (make connections).

The alphabet book "Children on the Move" provides rich vocabulary. Word and picture sorts help build vocabulary.

Demonstration Lessons

Watch the video to see a reading group using the cards to build vocabulary.
Teaching Vocabulary in Context Movie

The word sort provides the opportunity for children to construct knowledge using the semantic, graphophonic and syntactic cueing systems. Watch the video to see word sorts being introduced to a reading group.
Word Sorts Movie

Support Documents

The following PDF file contains word sort cards and picture cards for all the vocabulary in "Children on the Move". The word sorts can be done first as modelled lessons and as children develop independence in small groups or as centre activities during the guided reading time.