tn_tigger.gifA danceathon is a great fundraiser and integrated nicely into the arts education and math curriculum. Students learn a variety of dances and are scheduled to dance throughout the day. Danceathons are an excellent way to encourage lifelong physical activity and they also help to improve student attitudes towards dance. Students will end the day by asking "Can we do this again next year."

Math Integration

Pedometers are used to record the number of steps each class dances with a school goal of dancing across Saskatchewan. Classes can be asked to estimate how far they will dance. This required students to change the number of steps to kilometres and then plot the distance on a map.

Hallway bulletin boards record class and school targets. Each class can set a target for "X" amount of dollars. A pie for each classroom contains their target on fractional pieces are added as they achieve 1/4, 1/2 and 3/4 of their goal. A whole school pie can also be created and challenges can be posed on morning announcements such as:
1. The first class to tell me the fraction of our goal we have reached today gets 15 minutes in the gym with me.
2. Can you tell me what percentage of your classroom goal you have accomplished? What about our school goal?